AWAKENING: The Summer Energy Wave

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Awakening is not necessarily mastering the mind or silencing thought. As related to the present energy wave, it could be considered moving from the unconscious mind to the heart; moving from thinking to intuitively feeling. Then we can consciously use the mind as a tool when necessary and appropriate – rather than letting the mind subconsciously dictate your reality.  This is the current gateway to awakening. 

To quote Kyle Cease, “The heart wants to evolve… the mind wants to destroy and then fix its own destruction.”  When our mind is identified with the stories of our thoughts, death of the story would mean death of the mind.  The mind doesn’t want to die, so it keeps the story alive.  And its really. Freaking. Good at it.

As Eckhart Tolle might say, freedom comes from taking a step back and being the observer of the thought.  Separate yourself from it, so you no longer identify with what you are witnessing.  You are not your subconscious stories from a life of conditioning – which your mind seeks to proliferate.  You are not the internal dialogue of mental programming.  You are the pure state of awareness that observes the flow of thought. 

The energetic tides have been strong as of late, and directly relate to this concept in my experience. Water has been omnipresent for me personally, as well as for clients and friends.  This powerful current is washing up old beliefs, patterns, and programming, allowing us to witness them.  As the witness, we are no longer identified with the limiting stories.  From this space we can consciously choose to feel into the heart and be guided from the limitless perspective of infinite love; rather than the limited peephole of the unconscious mind.

This is a period of awakening.  For those of us with deep unconscious programming, its an emotional time as we are faced with mental programs we weren’t consciously aware of.  But now, the energy of awareness flows like a tsunami.  It’s an intense third eye and heart opening. Visions have been intense and manifesting within days.  Past trauma is rising with the tide and being healed through reflection and serendipitous encounters.  I’ve felt high highs and low lows. Because in the process of healing, the trauma/thought/emotion must be felt and honored.  As we witness it, sit with it, we no longer identify with it. We create space to move beyond it. 

You may feel emotionally drained. Caught off guard. Experience synchronicities that are both healing and unsettling. You may be triggered in ways that surprise you.  What comes up may be uncomfortable, or excruciating in my case. Although it might feel like things are being done TO you, rest assured, it is all FOR you.  Consciousness is rising. We are awakening. And our light is shining brighter than ever.

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