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When I began reawakening to my intuitive abilities, I was completely overwhelmed with all of the energy I was feeling and carrying from people around me. I once found myself bawling on the floor in the bathroom at work with an overwhelming sense of grief and loss.  Shaking, I asked myself, “Who’s is this?” It was the first time I remember being consciously aware that what I was feeling wasn’t mine.

The first thing my mentor reminded me of was that I am in control of the energy I allow into my field – although it does take practice and some energy often seems to stick around.  The first physical tool I used to facilitate the energetic cleansing process was sage. 

Shamans and people in ancient civilizations have used sage for thousands of years to clear negative energy.  Smudging (the act of using sage to clear energy) is like an energetic shower.  It helps get the dirt and grime off.  Even if you don’t feel filthy to begin with, you always feel fresher after a shower.  Smudging can be useful for your car, home, office, altar, and healing space.  It is especially useful in areas where you have other energy often present – visitors, clients, etc.

I have smudged peoples’ new homes upon moving in, and certain areas after negative events have taken place.  The list of occasions that I sage is nearly endless: my space, hands, and crystals before and after healing sessions; my plants; my bed after a bad dream; my bath/ shower before a cleansing ritual; the phone after talking to Comcast; my closet (something just lingers in there); my ovaries; my journal after processing deep soul healing that I thought was completed; the tarot deck after it slaps me around with the truth too hard. Sometimes I just want to sage the whole White House and call it a day.  Why?  Because cleansing your space is like a breath of fresh air after sucking fumes. 

The benefits of an energetically clear environment are plentiful.  From a scientific perspective, sage is proven to absorb up to 94% of airborne bacteria.  Most of us are unaware of the energy we carry because we aren’t conscious of our own energy field.  We’re picking up energetic baggage along the way, and unaware of how it’s affecting us.  

Here is a simple sage ritual to give you a good cleanse: 

  1. Set your intention
    Thoughts are a form of energy, and are the creative force of the universe.  Setting an intention to clear your space of unwanted energy is powerful.  I personally begin to feel and see negative/dark energy move away from me as I set the intention.  “I am clearing all energy that no longer serves my highest good.”

  2. Open doors and windows
    I like to give the energy a place to go to know it’s cleared from my space.  Plus, letting fresh air in helps to keep things moving and stir up stagnant energy.  Ringing a bell or sound bowl is another good way to wake up stagnant energy.

  3. Light the sage
    Use a shell or dish to hold the sage and catch the ashes.  Visualize the smoke picking up energetic debris and floating away.  Start by saging yourself – around your head and down the front and back of your body.  Waft the sage in the air and do a full walk through of your space.  I like to start farthest away from the door or window, go along every wall on the perimeter, from bottom to top.  You can use your hand or a feather to wave the smoke – and energy – away.  Once you get to the doors and windows, wave the smoke out.

  4. Fill the cleared space with gratitude and love
    Now that you’ve cleared your space of energy that doesn’t serve you, it’s important to fill the space with energy that does.  “I am grateful for a cleansed space.  I am filling it with love.  And so it is.”

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