Jessica Bird is not a licensed health care provider, MD, ND, psychologist, psychotherapist or any other health care or mental health care provider. Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Wellness services and consultations, as well as all services provided and all information obtained during an Intuitive Healing and Spiritual Wellness consultation from Jessica Bird and Zaia Soul, LLC does not constitute medical care or mental health care. Any recommendations, advice, and services provided by Jessica Bird and Zaia Soul, LLC, written or verbal, in person or remote, are purely educational and informational in nature. Please consult your health care provider before commencing any medical program or regimen, or taking any herbal remedies, supplements or other recommended treatments or suggestions.

If you have been diagnosed or suspect you have a mental illness, please inform me before you book a session. Together we will determine whether my work will support you as a complementary modality.

If you suspect you are being adversely affected by paranormal influences, please inform me before you book a session or register for a class/workshop, so I can assess whether or not my work will address your concerns, and if the it is the right environment to do so.

In all cases, if I know of a modality or practitioner who will better serve your needs, I will refer you.

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