The world needs your magic. I want to help you begin to create a foundation from which to offer it.⁠ ⁠For free! All I ask in return is that you commit to doing your soul's work.⁠ ⁠The time is now.

This is for you if you want to:

- Learn your Soul's unique voice and how it is trying to be heard⁠

- Discover your soul diagnosis to understand what your physical and spiritual symptoms are communicating & how they are often misdiagnosed by western medicine⁠

- Practice powerful tools to manage your energy so you can stand grounded in your purpose and be a clear channel for your spiritual gifts

Empowered Awakening is a 3 day online masterclass filled with information, healing, soul journeys, and potent energy medicine to support you in following your soul's callings.

A spiritual awakening can be extremely overwhelming, and at the same time, doesn't have to be! I spent years struggling with physical symptoms and intuitive experiences that I didn't understand or know how to use effectively. ⁠

I felt stuck in my current reality as my soul yearned for more, without knowing what "more" was or how to get it.⁠ I knew the spiritual path was calling me yet had no idea how to answer the call.⁠

If this sounds familiar, I invite you to walk along the Empowered Awakening path with me to have a deep, potent, soulful experience that leads you through a massive SHIFT. ⁠
Join me in a safe, sacred space full of meaningful conversation, community, powerful exercises, and guided soul journeys to experience a new level of alignment. ⁠

- Live video calls.⁠
- Grounded techniques.⁠
- Guided experiences.⁠
- Potent Energy Medicine.⁠

October 8-10, 6pm cst on Zoom.
⁠Can't make it? No problem!⁠
Keep the replay so you can re-watch and re-journey at any time

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