What do people seek when working with you?

Guidance. Clarity. Healing. Awareness. Manifestation. Freedom from mental constructs. Emotional freedom. Transformation. Health and wellness. Spiritual Mentorship. Intuitive development. A life of intention. Self care. Conscious creation. Energetic intelligence. A partner in their Soul's growth.  

Who is your ideal client?

I am committed to those who are committed to their Soul. You are ready to shed emotional baggage, free yourself from mental conditioning, heal old wounds, remember your Truth, step into your power, and create the life you want to create. You are open-minded, open-hearted, and understand that your external reality is a manifestation of your largely subconscious beliefs and emotions. You want to clean up your inner world in order to make the changes you want in your life - mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. You want to learn to listen to the whisper of your Soul, connect to your Guidance, and unearth and amplify your spiritual gifts.

What is energy work?

Everything physical is first and foremost energetic.  Thoughts, emotions, even the smallest subatomic particles, are masses of energy in motion.  Energy work is simply working with our most fundamental building block - energy - for transformation from the inside out. 

Why is there such an emphasis on subconscious emotions and beliefs?

We are energetic beings. Emotions are energy in motion. If we resist allowing these emotions to flow, they become suppressed and can get stuck in your energy field. This results in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease that manifests from the subconscious emotions held in the body and the beliefs we've built around them. When we bring subconscious emotions and mental programs into our conscious awareness, we can reprogram the brain to create new neural pathways and heal from the inside out – removing the seed instead of trimming the weeds.

What are the Akashic Records?

Ancient wisdom traditions conceive of the Akashic Field is an atmosphere of infinite potential energy, from which space-time reality emerges. I experience the Akashic Field as a vibrational domain of infinite intelligence. Akashic Records can be conceptualized as the energy signature of your soul. Every word, action, or deed your soul has experienced carries a particular energetic frequency. By going into the Akashic Field, we can align with the frequency of your soul, beyond this incarnation, to gain valuable insight that can help you along your life path. 

For Akashic Readings, I ask that you come prepared with a few questions written down that you would like to focus on, to guide the conversation. Often the questions are answered without me reading them, and sometimes the conversation goes in a completely different direction because that’s what will best serve you at this time.

What is an Energy Reading?

An energy reading is open ended. I see energetic patterns and currents, and how they play out in your life. 

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