Sacred Spaces

Energetic and Aesthetic Alignment

Do you want to manifest more abundance in your place of business? Ensure that your home is a prime energetic environment for love? It is important that your space is vibrating at a frequency that aligns with what you want to create in it.

Our environment communicates to our subconscious mind. By reading the energy of a space, I get intuitive information about what the space and its occupants are energetically communicating to the Universe. After we chat about your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual intentions, I will help create a space that is a vibrational match.

Sacred Space Session includes a combination of:

  • Intention Setting Consultation
  • Space Reading - what is your space energetically communicating?
  • Space Clearing - an energetic deep clean
  • Space Setting - create an energetic imprint of what we are calling into the space
  • Design advice (if applicable) on layout, decor, color palette
  • Elemental Balance - Incorporate a balance of earth, air, fire, and water energy to facilitate flow
  • Intuitive Input on team & energy dynamics within the space
  • Sacred Space Ritual Rx - Daily practices to align your personal vibration with that of the space.

    Jessica studied fashion design, was a personal stylist, and created a jewelry line; alongside a 16 year corporate sales career. Combining intuitive insight, a keen eye for design, and energetic practices, Jessica will set your space up for success both energetically and aesthetically. Whether you’ve occupied the space for years or are beginning a new build, a Sacred Space Session will help you align with what you want to create.

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