Soul Coaching

A Partner in Your Soul's Ascension Journey

Soul Coaching is a deep personal dive into your unique soul gifts; and the shadows, beliefs, and patterns that hold your soul lessons and guide you towards your purpose. By excavating your energetic blocks and learning the soul lessons they are there to teach you, you step into your power and re-activate your intuitive magic.

As we turn your soul gifts into a skill set to apply in the modern world, and bridge the logical with the intuitive, you ascend from one way of being to another - aligned, empowered, activated, and purpose-filled.

I am a partner in your soul's ascension journey. Facing deep shadows? Feel stuck in patterns you want to move through? Generational healing? Seeing spirits? Visions you don’t understand? Sense the veil thinning and not sure how to navigate your intuitive awakening? Feel a deep soul calling for something more, but not sure what that is? Soul Coaching is for you.

I hold space for profound transformation for soul aligned clients who are ready to do the work, invest in themselves, and commit to soul evolution in an intimate, 1:1 journey together. We came here to anchor light. It’s time to turn it all. the way. ON.

My awakening was hard and lonely. Yours doesn't have to be. I am honored to walk with you, to help you shine your light brighter to light the path for the rest of the world. The time is now.

You will get:

- 60 minute Soul Session every 2 weeks on Zoom, with option to receive recording
- Energy Medicine - personalized homework, rituals, and practices
- E-mail & Messenger support in between sessions
- Bespoke healings, activations, and energetic attunements for intuitive development, tailored to your unique soul gifts

I accept a limited number of Soul Coaching clients to ensure the integrity of the support I provide. Let's see if we are an aligned match to journey together!

 "Jessica is the real deal... She took me further in my personal healing journey than therapy and self-study ever have. I began to accept my intuitive power as real. She is not a false guru who seeks permanent dependence on her. She is on a mission for awakening and is equipping me as she advances it.

- Kait, Sustainability Consultant

"Jessica’s partnership has helped me crack open to create space for the spiritual connection with myself that I have deeply longed for... and reach a new level of enlightenment. Jessica is an amazing investment to make in yourself if you want to go to the next level of your soul journey."

- Lauren, Sales Executive, Non-Profit Board 

"I'll look back and think, "that was a life changing moment." That's the kind of clarity I received. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, it is worth every single penny, every single second, every single ounce of energy. She is an absolute angel and I can not recommend her enough."

- Kristen, Manifestation Coach

"Meeting Zaia changed my life. Her soul medicine is powerful and keeps the transformation going long after her session. I have found my direction and every day my soul reveals a little more to me. I now feel the clarity to live the life I was created to live. She doesn’t just touch the surface she is fully invested in diving down into those deep places with us for true healing and transformation."

- Kayla, Intuitive Life & Business Coach

"Jessica has helped me navigate through my own emotions; opening my eyes to what I was stopping myself from seeing... She has confirmed many pieces of me that I was unsure of, giving me the confidence to move forward on a path that scared me. My experiences with her have been powerful and enlightening... Jessica is a brilliant guiding light. Those who are around her can instantly feel the comfort of being understood and truly seen... I am excited to see the impact she will have on a personal, community, and global level. She is truly something special."

- Samantha, Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master 

"I met Jessica during a very difficult time, what some call a "dark night of the soul." Traditional treatment was failing me, and a serendipitous encounter lead to meeting Jessica... I felt an energetic shift in my soul and perspective. Her innate healing abilities were overwhelming... Jessica blew my mind with her gifts. She has so much power, its undeniable. Its clear that she has tremendous abilities... My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle. My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle."

- Jeff, Medical Student 

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