"It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time."

Katie, Teacher


"Meeting Zaia changed my life. Not only is she the most kind-hearted and gentle-spirited person that I know, but she is also transformational. One Soul Session with her awakened my inner self to a life I knew was deep down inside me I just didn’t know how to surface it.

She took me back to a time I could have never imagined my soul needing healing. She walked me through the healing and put my soul back together through intricate details of my life that no one could have ever known. Zaia is profound and truly gifted.

After the session, I felt as though I just left a day spa, so light and relaxed. She doesn’t just leave you there though she takes it a step further and lets you know what do look forward to in the days to come and her soul medicine is powerful and keeps the transformation going long after her session. I can only explain these sessions as comforting, aligning and renewing.

When I came to Zaia I had so many questions and after I have found my direction and every day my soul reveals a little more to me. I can’t believe I lived a life without having a true relationship with my soul and I am so thankful for Zaia coming in and healing broken places and re-introducing me to my soul.

Also, I am thankful for her helping me realize my empathic ways and teaching me how to set up healthy energy boundaries that have now changed my life. I now feel the clarity to live the life I was created to live. No matter where you are in life or who you are or where you’re going I would absolutely recommend you connecting with Zaia Soul, it will increase your life forever!

I have searched long and hard for someone to help me connect all the dots to my soul and my life. A lot of people were able to give me one piece at a time but Zaia was the only one who connected all the dots for me. I believe this is because she doesn’t just touch the surface she is fully invested in diving down into those deep places with us for true healing and transformation.

Kayla, Virtual Assistant


Jessica’s partnership has helped me crack open to create space for the spiritual connection with myself that I have deeply longed for throughout the course of my entire life.

My akashic reading brought to light, visually & internally, what I needed to connect with in order to grow and reach a new level of enlightenment. I am bringing a more open, stronger, yet softer self to the table and am so thankful for the beauty and struggles I am experiencing as a result - Jessica’s guidance shines light on the areas we so badly want to keep hidden in the dark.

I strongly encourage anyone who’s been challenged with spiritual bypassing, overwhelming empathy essentially resulting in the shutting down of your emotions, and anyone who’s looking to connect with an incredible human for spiritual guidance to reach out to Jessica. You will feel instantly at home, comfortable, excited, and so, so safe.

Jessica is an amazing investment to make in yourself if you’re wanting to go to the next level of your soul journey.

Lauren, Mindful Sales Consultant + Non-Profit Advisory Council



"Hands down one of the best readings I have ever received and I have received SO many readings in my life. It was unbelievable. It was stunningly accurate. It gave me so much healing and deep understanding. She gave me healing strategies to move forward and heal the blocks that came up during the reading; the blocks that were holding me back from furthering myself and moving forward in certain areas of my life. If it weren't for that reading I wouldn't have ever fully realized those subconscious blocks on my own or realized the steps I needed to take to actually heal and move forward. This reading gave me permission to do things that I've had in the back of my mind. It was one of those moments that I'll look back and think, "that was a life changing moment." That's the kind of clarity I received. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, it is worth every single penny, every single second, every single ounce of energy. She is an absolute angel and I can not recommend her enough."

Kristen, Manifestation Coach


"Jessica is the real deal. Not only has she healed physical ailments, such as a sinus infection that went away without antibiotics, but she took me further in my personal healing journey than therapy and self-study ever haveAfter years of working off and on with three different therapists, I realized there was still something missing. The anxiety became debilitating.

I stumbled upon Jessica at a workshop she gave on being an empath. It occurred to me at the workshop that a lot of my anxiety may belong to other people, but as an empath, I was feeling it and confused about it being my own. In our first private session, Jessica illuminated this theory and brought it to life, literally, as she explained what she saw and moved energy over me. It was unbelievably validating. I haven’t sensed hardly a drop of anxiety in over a month--a record for me in five years.

As we continued to work together, I began to accept my intuitive power as real, to explore the magic of my being, and to kill the powerful doubt and fear that my rational mind had relied upon for so many years. Working with Jessica has helped me in a way I never could have done alone nor even imagined was possible. She is not only a gentle guide and genuine healer, but also teaches me real tools that I can use and practice myself. She isn’t a false guru who seeks permanent dependence on her. She is on a mission for awakening, and is equipping me as she advances it. 

If you are looking for something more--in healing and/or spiritual development--don't hesitate to call her."

Kait, Business Owner


"Before I met Jessica, I did not have exposure to energy healing or intuitive readings.  Coming from a science background, I was very skeptical of these types of modalities. I met Jessica during a very difficult time, what some call a "dark night of the soul." Traditional treatment was failing me, and a serendipitous encounter lead to meeting Jessica. Although I was closed minded and reluctant in the beginning, it was clear that she was gifted. I felt an energetic shift in my soul and perspective. Her innate healing abilities were overwhelming, and it was something I had never experienced before. I definitely did not believe in psychic abilities before I met Jess.  However, after she knew things about me that no one else did, it was clear she was gifted in this area as well. My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle. I am so thankful to have met her and look forward to working with her more in the future. Above all, she is a genuine, loving human being."

Jeffrey Capone, MS Biomedical Sciences, Medical student

"I had the most interesting and transformative experience of my life. I asked about my spiritual gifts and soul ties from past lives, but the most transformative question I asked was “What lessons have I been oblivious to?” The answer brought me to tears.

All it took was bringing this to consciousness for me to start releasing the energy. And the initial shedding HURT. A few hours after the session with Jessica, I decided to do some journaling about the real-time realizations I was experiencing.

The fact that I’m even willing to share this is huge for me. THAT is how much this reading shifted things for me.

Jessica, the work you do and gifts you share are so incredible, and this was exactly what I needed at this stage in my life. I’m grateful for any experience that gives me the opportunity to heal myself so that I can then help others heal themselves.

KyAira, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner


I am still in awe. I needed to confront my father wound and begin inner child work in a safe space, and you beautifully provided that for me. I am feeling so much clearer and empowered after our work together. Thank you for helping me take the steps towards valuing the parts of me that are hurting, and allowing me to explore how to better support myself through personal energetic work. Your intuition is a profound gift, and I am thankful for the way you use it. Please continue to show up in this world as the amazing light that you are. Your work is SO needed.

Gabby, Doula


"You have a true gift and a beautiful connection to the universe. What you said has resonated with me... it just felt like my soul wanted exactly what we had discussed. I was reluctant to admit you were right about codependence but upon further inspection, you were absolutely right about that too... I’ll be able to become a stronger version of myself and open up to my own power. I’ve never known someone with such a true and feminine gift. Thank you so much.  



I had my first experience with Jessica at the yoga energy flow workshop. Her knowledge and intuition is unsurpassed. She perfectly attuned to me during my practice and was spot on with her energetic reading of me, knowing things she couldn’t possibly have known otherwise. I felt so refreshed and seen at the end of the workshop. She helped curate a beautiful open space with no judgement for me and everyone to release energy through movement and sound and I felt so much lighter after the experience. Everyone could benefit from Jessica and her work!

Hannah, Yoga Teacher


"I highly recommend Jessica from Zaia Soul. If your looking to uncover and integrate your soul purpose and spiritual essence, she’s a great resource!" 

Kyle Krueger, Wellness Studio Manager and Energy Healer


Jessica came highly recommended to me from a very dear friend. She is highly intuitive, has wonderfully loving energy, and incredibly gifted as a healer. Nothing like anyone I've ever seen before. Oftentimes, it's challenging to put into words what someone like Jessica does. I came to Jessica carrying heavy burdens spiritually, mentally, & emotionally (stress and worry), and it was affecting my healthy physically. Even when we know what ails us, most of us don't exactly know how to let go and/or how to heal ourselves. It's even worse when we are anxious, depressed, unfocused, tired, and don't know why. Let Jessica help you unpack some of that emotional baggage weighing you down whether you know what it is or not, let her assist you in letting go of thoughts, experiences, people, and feelings that no longer serve you or your highest good. My session with Jessica was so eye-opening and life-changing that I immediately booked a session for my teenager. Kids & teens deal with their own issues and especially more so if they've dealt with life-changing experiences like death/loss and divorce that were out of their control. My daughter was also blown away by Jessica's clairvoyance and intuition and how accurate her energy readings were. The best part is that you actually walk away with tools and resources to continue your healing journey and to help yourself continue to grow and improve. I highly recommend Jessica if you are in need of any kind of energy work, energy clearing, clarity in your work/career/business/relationships, clarity in your health & wellness, and anything else in between that you feel you are unclear about, or that holds you down and holds you back. Call her! You won't regret it! I promise!  My soul found a highly evolved soul who speaks my language. Answered prayers. 

Laura, Wellness Industry Sales


“Since the moment we met, Jessica has demonstrated herself to be incredibly intuitive and insightful.  With this gift and knowledge, she has helped me navigate through my own emotions; opening my eyes to what I was stopping myself from seeing. She has helped me better understand myself in moments when my thoughts, feelings, and energy have seemed muddled. She brought clarity to how I was allowing trauma that I endured and my family’s history to create limitations around me. I have since been able to work on this and root down in who I am rather than who I thought I should be. She has confirmed many pieces of me that I was unsure of, giving me the confidence to move forward on a path that scared me. My experiences with her have been powerful and enlightening. I always leave sessions feeling calm and serene. Even more importantly, I always feel heard, validated, and empowered. Jessica is a brilliant guiding light. Those who are around her can instantly feel the comfort of being understood and truly seen. I am lucky to have worked with her in the past and look forward to continuing to work her with her. I am excited to see the impact she will have on a personal, community, and global level. She is truly something special.

Samantha S, Occupational Therapist & Reiki Master

"I couldn't be happier that Jessica and I crossed paths! Her gifts are simply amazing as is she! She did an energy cleansing in my home and the results of it has been amazing! Prior to this, everyone was having sleepless nights and I haven't heard a complaint about sleep since. You can feel the difference in the house! Every time I talk to Jessica I leave feeling empowered to take on the world with all of the confirmation and information she gives!"


“I came with really deep questions that I’ve had for a really long long time; things that I feel like if I had more clarity and direction and answers for, I would be able to step into my purpose better. I feel clarity that I have not felt before. I encourage you to do something for yourself to elevate yourself. Allow yourself to step more into who you are. Having the understanding, releasing fears, and having things be connected for you - because sometimes you have to have help - even if you are a spiritual healer like myself. There’s only so much work you can do on your own and having someone else’s gift and offering and perspective helps shape you to move you forward. It’s amazing. Please come see her."

Jaz Porter, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Healer


"I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Jessica at a workshop she hosted in Austin, Texas and it was nothing short of pure magic. Sometimes when you're in a group setting with someone hosting a workshop, you worry that you will be overlooked as they are holding space for a crowd of people. However that was NOT the case with sweet Jessica. You could tell that every time someone spoke, she was fully present and truly listening to their words. Guiding them and helping them manifest their soul's truest desires. In fact, I went into the workshop wanting to manifest one thing, and thanks to her and the group of people I was with, I left manifesting something I don't think I would have on my own. Jessica is the real deal! Kind, down to earth, and wise beyond her years. Cannot wait to work with her again in the future."

Ceci, Shop and Venue Owner

“My session with Jessica was very serene - afterwards I felt very calm, like I had meditated.  She was able to see two areas of my body that needed work.  A few days later I realized that a pain I had in my lower back had decreased and was almost completely gone - a pain that I had been dealing with for 2 years!  I had gone to the doctor for this pain and nothing was found wrong.  This pain was not even the reason I went to see her, but I learned that negative experiences and emotions can cause physical pain.

She also asked me questions pertaining to life events that she had no way of knowing about - I cannot explain this, other than she has special abilities. Jessica is effortlessly intuitive, warm, and giving; she has a very special gift to heal and I experienced it first-hand!  I look forward to seeing her again.”

Anne C, IT 


“Jessica is wonderful.  Her intuition is impeccable. Her energy is very calming and she is extremely good at explaining things in a way you can understand. She’s very helpful and I highly recommend her healing.”

Jennifer, VP Recruiting Services


“Jessica is a wonderful energy reader and healer! During our session she made me feel very relaxed and safe. A lot of what we discussed was spot on and I've referred back to it numerous times. She gives great guidance and helps you feel into what is truly bothering you and how to fix it, giving you a sense of calm about any life struggles. I can't wait for my next one!”

Ashley, Real Estate Accounting Manager & Analyst


Our time together has been invaluable. You helped me see so much in myself I needed and had been universally asking and seeking answers to for months. I'm speechless, thank you thank you thank you for being fully everything you are!”

Alicia, Masters of Psychology Student


“Jessica graciously welcomed me for a session. I want to note that I am a skeptic when it comes to healing practices, meditation, etc., but I decided to be open minded and give it a try.

During my session I felt things that are hard to put into words. I felt resistance in relief, guilt, and heaviness. Jessica felt all these things with me through the session. We sat and talked in a comfortable no judgement zone. I typically am not much of a crier and do not easily open up to people, but Jessica evoked emotions in me I had been suppressing and harboring for a long time. Feelings of guilt about my brother and how hard I am on myself about my career and life. Anger for feeling those feelings, punishing myself and not knowing how to release them. Resistance about feeling these things and being vulnerable in front of others for the fear that I am not safe because those I have trusted have let me down. Most importantly discovering understanding, forgiveness, relief and freedom.

I do not know what you are going through but I can without a doubt say that I am no longer a skeptic (can't knock it until you try it..right?!) If you are searching for enlightenment in your healing journey I recommend you give this a shot and get deep with yourself. Thank you Jessica for showing me a new light!”

Alyssa, Marketing Manager 


“Jessica’s energy reading nearly a year ago still stays with me for how she put words to what was going on in my life that I didn’t yet understand myself. She even sensed the pain in my right hand and it was only our first conversation.”

Chris D, VP Investment Management


“I met Jessica at a local health consciousness festival and suspected she was the real deal. In my first phone consultation she was already getting to the roots of my problems and giving me intuitive insights; which later helped me unblock my stagnant energy. After your session with Jessica you should be feeling very relaxed and ready to take on the world. She is truly gifted!”

Carly P., Massage Therapist


After our session I felt really aware of a shift in my life. I am officially a believer. That was the best for me as a single mother (not a lot of time for self care) and I truly thank you!”

Ashley M, Regional Leasing Manager, Commercial Real Estate


“I had been going through a really hard time with a lot of changes in my life and my therapist recommended I try something like Reiki or energy healing. 

Walking in, I was already on the verge of tears, trying to hold myself together. Towards the end, she massaged my temples and I could feel pressure relieving in my forehead. I started crying when it was over. She offered a hug and reminded me it gets better. She offered to talk to me about what I felt, said she was happy to better explain any questions I had.

At that time I was having trouble feeling my own feelings and expressing them. I cried my eyes out, knowing I was moving forward. I got to my car and felt better. The next day I had a gift delivered to me. Black obsidian with a note from Jessica on how to use it. Not only have I used my stone regularly with the instructions she gave me, but I bought more to take to work, leave in my car, bedside, etc.

I went back for a second session, and I plan to keep going back. Even if you don't know what it is, being in her room for an hour, holding crystals, and reminding yourself that you are safe, healing, and moving forward is good mental health.”

Sydney G., CAD Drafter & Yoga Teacher 

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