Sacred Soul Initiation

Sacred Soul Initiation is a potent rite of passage channeled from the Akashic Records to align you with your soul's calling, reawaken your innate magic, and guide you home to your soul purpose.

Sacred Soul Initiation is an 3 month online group course designed to awaken your dormant intuitive gifts that lie within your divine feminine intuitive power. It’s a potent inner journey to remember who you are and help you step into the full expression of your magic to transform yourself and elevate the world

Is this you?

  • You are an empath, lightworker, healer, coach, or intuitive goddess ready to unlock and amplify your unique intuitive gifts that have been cultivated throughout your soul’s existence

  • You have a profound desire to expand your consciousness so you can evolve on a soul level

  • You want to journey through a spiritual rite of passage guided by a sacred soul coach who will help unlock the keys you hold by holding space in the Akashic Records 

  • You are called to take a soul pilgrimage alongside an intimate sisterhood of women you’ve likely journeyed with for lifetimes, supporting and holding space for each other along the way 

  • You want a deep dive to remember and reignite your personal magic and intuitive gifts

  • You want to live an intuitively guided life so you can free yourself from the grips of the mind and effortlessly follow your internal spiritual GPS system

  • Your spiritual gifts are awakening and you want to build a solid skill set for them to flourish

  • You are ready to activate and amplify your energy centers to be a strong signal for intuitive messages to flow in 

  • You want to heal what’s holding you back from tuning into your inner wisdom so you can access it with ease and grace whenever you wish

  • You feel called to fulfill your soul’s purpose and want to activate and strengthen your intuitive tools to help remember what that purpose is

  • You want to confidently move forward on your soul’s highest path under an ancient lineage of powerful healers and wayshowers

...if so, you're in the right place.

The Results

What people are saying...

"I began to accept my intuitive power as real, to explore the magic of my being, and to kill the powerful doubt and fear.  Jessica has helped me in a way I never could have done alone nor even imagined was possible. She is not only a gentle guide and genuine healer, but also teaches me real tools that I can use and practice myself. She isn’t a false guru who seeks permanent dependence on her. She is on a mission for awakening, and is equipping me as she advances it.”

-Kait, Business Owner

"I felt an energetic shift in my soul and perspective. Jessica blew my mind with her gifts. She has so much power, its undeniable. Its clear that she has tremendous abilities. My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle."

-Jeff, Medical Student

"She has confirmed many pieces of me that I was unsure of, giving me the confidence to move forward on a path that scared me. My experiences with her have been powerful and enlighteningJessica is a brilliant guiding light. Those who are around her can instantly feel the comfort of being understood and truly seen... I am excited to see the impact she will have on a personal, community, and global level. She is truly something special."

- Samantha, Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master

The Sacred Soul Initiation

What you'll receive:

 Womb HealingSoul Ancestry Healing • Mental Reprogramming Healing   
3rd Eye Activation
Spirit Guide Attunement • Soul Purpose Remembrance Activation  • Soul Gift Attunement  
Live group Soul Coaching Calls
 • Unlimited Support in Private FB Group Intimate Sisterhood 
Channeled Guidance from the Akashic Records 

Module One:  
Divine Feminine Embodiment and Deep Soul Healing. You will learn about Divine Feminine energy and how to facilitate it rising within you to harness this beautiful power. You will open up a sacred space within yourself to feel safe, grounded, and empowered as a vessel for Spirit. You will release subconscious and soul level blocks and fears, mentally reprogram to create new neurological circuitry to accelerate your spiritual growth, experience a womb healing, and befriend your ego to powerfully and intentionally support you in embodying your feminine power.

Module Two:  
Intuitive Wisdom and Your Spirit Guides. You will receive a third eye activation and travel through a portal to access the higher dimensional wisdom that lies within. This will help you navigate your soul's path from a higher perspective. You will call in and rekindle intentional, intuitive relationships with a specific team of spirit guides and learn how to work with them to support you in living your soul's purpose and harnessing your soul's gifts.

Module Three:  
Soul Remembrance and Unlocking Your Magic. You will call in remembrance of your soul purpose to rekindle the intimate understanding of your divine path. You will call in and commune with the spirit guide that is helping you on your spiritual journey so you know how to maintain a close relationship and receive support as you continue on your journey. You will continue to amplify the specific gifts you were born with to support you in fulfilling your purpose, and move forward as the powerful divine lightworker that you are. Soul aligned, intuitively guided, powerfully activated. Together we rise.  

You'll also experience:  

  • Channeled discussions and live Q&A in an intimate setting. Stuff will surface for you. This is the place to share it. 
  • Powerful guided Soul Journeys to facilitate your own unique experiences with your soul, ego, and spirit guides
  • Exercises and tools to practice in between calls so you can strengthen your abilities and get feedback
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Energy Medicine prescribed after each session to continue the shifts that were catalyzed in the session 
  • Rituals and practices to integrate into your daily life to create a lifestyle that supports your soul's expansion 

The World Needs Your Magic

Is your soul lighting up? This is for you!

Step into your Power 

You were born with unique spiritual gifts that are specifically designed to support your soul purpose. These skills have developed over the span of your soul’s existence, but often get locked up inside of you. You’ve held the key all along. It’s time to unlock your soul’s intuitive wisdom.

Sacred Soul Initiation is an intimate rite of passage to guide you through the activation of your soul’s unique intuitive power and awaken the dormant memories and abilities that lie within you.

You are being called to unearth and amplify your intuitive abilities, release fear and hesitation, harness your gifts, and walk confidently on your soul’s highest path empowered in your mission. 

Rise up to your Purpose

It's time to remember...

Sacred Soul Initiation is an intimate journey of powerful feminine magic and support. It’s a soul-driven sisterhood of powerful goddesses, who are answering the call to rise up and awaken to their magic together.

This initiation was birthed after receiving strong messages from Spirit to "call forth your initiates. They are ready to remember." You and I have journeyed together before and its time to do it again. Let's amplify your divine feminine power

You’ll emerge from the initiation feeling like the goddess you truly are, intimately connected with your divine intuitive magic. You’ll walk away with a deeply rooted remembrance of your gifts and the confidence to use them to transform yourself and the world.

Hi Love!

I am Jessica Zaia, intuitive healer and Soul Coach at Zaia Soul. 

My soul purpose is to activate lightworkers. I see the seers, heal the healers, and help you amplify your light so you can light the path for the rest of the world. And the world needs you now.

I work within the Akashic Records to facilitate powerful healings, activations, and remembrances. I help you activate your magic, awaken to your soul's mission, and develop the unique soul gifts you were born with to support your soul purpose.

You, sister, are powerful. With power comes responsibility.

Breathe into your heart space. Feel your feet on the earth. Feel the energy of this Initiation. Are you lighting up? Ego a little scared of your vastness?

Let's journey through this rite of passage, shall we?

the experience

  • Potent healings, activations, and channeled wisdom from the Akashic Records to connect you with your soul’s highest purpose
  • Soul Remembrance Activation of your unique intuitive gifts to support you in navigating the spirit world 
  • Powerful practices to open sacred space within yourself to be a clear channel for intuitive information to flow
  • Soul Ancestry Healing to release internal resistance and fear of intuitive work 
  • Renewed relationship with your ego, who will support your spiritual endeavors to empower your soul mission
  • Mental reprogramming to create new neurological circuitry to accelerate your spiritual growth  
  • An intimate connection to your soul and a remembrance of your purpose and gifts
  • Powerful tools for your spiritual tool kit that will amplify your natural gifts that you can use for the rest of your life
  • A guided soul journey through a rite of passage to a new way of being - powerfully activated and one with your own Divinity
  • An intimate sisterhood to hold space for you as you emerge through this portal on your soul's divine path
  • An awakened, intimate relationship with the Spirit Guides that are helping you on your spiritual journey so you know how to work with them and receive support  
  • Divine Feminine embodiment, in all of your potent magic  

Let's Reactivate Your Magic!

Your heart is lighting up as you read this. 
Your soul is calling out to you.
You're sensing a remembrance from deep within.
A sense of familiarity.
You feel safe. Aligned. Excited!

Something is stirring, you can feel it.
Ready or not, you called this in.
I know, because I heard it.
It's why this was birthed.
For you :)

Are you joining me?

Let's unlock and amplify your soul purpose power, sister!

I'm so excited to reconnect with you!

Client love letters

“That was life changing. If you have the opportunity to work with Jessica in any capacity, it is worth every single penny, every single second, every single ounce of energy. She is an absolute angel and I can not recommend her enough."

- Kristen, Manifestation Coach, Pursuit of Bliss Podcast

“Jessica’s partnership has helped me crack open to create space for the spiritual connection with myself that I have deeply longed for throughout the course of my entire life. It brought to light what I needed to connect with in order to grow and reach a new level of enlightenment. Jessica is an amazing investment to make in yourself if you’re wanting to go to the next level of your soul journey.”

- Lauren, Mindful Sales Consultant

"I am still in awe. I am feeling so much clearer and empowered after our work together. Thank you for helping me take the steps towards valuing the parts of me that are hurting, and allowing me to explore how to better support myself through personal energetic work. Your intuition is a profound gift, and I am thankful for the way you use it. Please continue to show up in this world as the amazing light that you are. Your work is SO needed."

- Gabby, Doula

The Investment in Yourself

It’s Time to Answer the Call 

Sacred Soul Initiation is an invitation into a new way of being in a sacred container of healing, soul guidance, and potent energetic upgrades. In order to keep it intimate and ensure that each person receives a high level of personal support, there are limited spots available. This 3 month soul immersion runs from November 6 - February 5th; beginning when the veil between worlds is thin and deep magic rises up to the surface. 

More Client Love

"Girl, you have a true gift and a beautiful connection to the universe. I’ve never known someone with such a true and feminine gift. I'll be able to become a stronger version of myself and open up to my own power. Thank you so much. "

-Sierra, Yoga Teacher

“Jessica came highly recommended. She is highly intuitive, has wonderfully loving energy, and incredibly gifted as a healer. Nothing like anyone I've ever seen before. The best part is that you actually walk away with tools and resources to help yourself continue to grow and improve. I highly recommend Jessica”

-Laura, Wellness Industry Sales

"I had the most interesting and transformative experience of my life. Jessica, the work you do and gifts you share are so incredible, and this was exactly what I needed at this stage in my life."

-KyAira, Reiki Practitioner

Feel called but want to make sure its aligned?


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What are the Akashic Records?
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