Soul Session

Intuitive Reading + Energy Healing

In a funk? Feel stuck in a swirl of emotion? Navigating a transition in life? Soul Sessions provide channeled guidance for healing, clarity, expansion, and self-actualization.

We start with a reading to uncover the root of what you are experiencing (often an energy, emotion, limiting belief, or traumatic event), and do energy work to facilitate a shift.

You leave with an Energy Medicine Rx to implement into your daily life to continue the transformation that was catalyzed in the session.

This signature offering is highly recommended if you want to go deep to gain clarity, healing, and guidance on how to step into your power and purpose.

1 hour on Zoom with option to receive video/audio recording upon request.
First time clients only. If you have had a session, email me to discuss ongoing work.

"Jessica evoked emotions in me I had been suppressing and harboring for a long time. I am no longer a skeptic. If you are searching for enlightenment in your healing journey I recommend you give this a shot and get deep with yourself."

- Alyssa, Marketing Manager

“I felt an energetic shift in my soul and perspective. Her innate healing abilities were overwhelming, and it was something I had never experienced before. My experience with Jessica was truly a miracle.

- Jeff, Medical Student

"If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, it is worth every single penny, every single second, every single ounce of energy. She is an absolute angel and I can not recommend her enough."

- Kristen, Manifestation Coach

"I am still in awe. I needed to confront my father wound and begin inner child work in a safe space, and you beautifully provided that for me. I am feeling so much clearer and empowered after our work together. Thank you for helping me take the steps towards valuing the parts of me that are hurting, and allowing me to explore how to better support myself through personal energetic work. Your intuition is a profound gift, and I am thankful for the way you use it. Please continue to show up in this world as the amazing light that you are. Your work is SO needed."

- Gabby, Doula

"She has helped me navigate through my own emotions; opening my eyes to what I was stopping myself from seeing...She brought clarity to how I was allowing trauma that I endured and my family’s history to create limitations around me...She has confirmed many pieces of me that I was unsure of, giving me the confidence to move forward on a path that scared me. My experiences with her have been powerful and enlightening. I always leave sessions feeling calm and serene. Even more importantly, I always feel heard, validated, and empowered."

- Samantha, Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master

She is highly intuitive, has wonderfully loving energy, and incredibly gifted as a healer. Nothing like anyone I've ever seen before. The best part is that you actually walk away with tools and resources to continue your healing journey and to help yourself continue to grow and improve. I highly recommend Jessica if you are in need of any kind of energy work, energy clearing, clarity in your work/career/business/relationships... and anything else that holds you down and holds you back.”

- Laura, Wellness Industry Sales


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